7 Torres para 7 Canais

Santos, SP, 2013, Institucionais

Seven towers to seven waterways

Santos in Sao Paulo: that was a mire [...] to solve this situation, the engineer Saturnino de Brito, a leading spewcialist in sanitation, knew how to establish drainage channels, quay walls, embankments, thus consolidating the territory to a city where the principle would be impossible. The effort is justified in the case of Santos because there are other desires for the city be there, imposing that place condition. What are they? First of all, the port. Then someone says, "Here I intend to do a port, but there is a lot of mud ... so i'll build the houses a little higher ..." and so on.
Paulo Mendes da Rocha

Park Avenue
With a privileged location, the Park Avenue proposed by the Engineer Saturnino de Brito in 1910, cuts across the city from east to west, linking the work to leisure. It has three situations geographically and urbanistically important and interesting for the parallel with the railway line and the seven drainage channels, generating seven nodal emblematic points of the city: Connecting the hill to the harbor.
Over the years, became a corridor of development and urban renewal, with excellent infrastructure and road system. It is an institutional, trade and services axis, mostly occupied by buildings, under the law that allowed the incident increased use of lots, speeding and restricting the vertical (as has been done since the late nineteenth century) the establishment of the lower income classes.

Santos Vertical city
The design of our skyscraper extrapolates the idea of object implanted in an urban lot, we ensure permeability and continuity of public space, so it can be accessed with any fluidity of who walks in the street, establishing a fusion between the public and private so gradual and subtle .
Conceived in two distinct blocks, joined by large multifunctional spaces interspersed with different heights and uses. Welcome who comes from the street and work as covered large squares, that distributes flows, where the user travels successive plans in different levels, alternating open and closed spaces, thus connecting all the skyscraper environments: living spaces, sports aerea, relaxation area, contemplation, exposure and connection.

The "Metrocable" just like in Caracas, plays an emblematic and symbolic role, as we consider it the subconscious of the skyscraper, it is "released in the air", above the clouds, close to heaven, a silent flow of movement between towers, associated with the "pendulum movement" of everyday: home, work, study, leisure.

Ficha Técnica


Santos, SP




Christiane Costa Ferreira, Dhiego Torrano e José Maria de Macedo Filho


Milena Santos e Rafael Pereira