Sydney, Australia, 2013, Residenciais

The urban spatial continuity and its logic guided the design of this house. The spaces are integrated to a square, an open space for the collective social activities, as opposed to that, we have the containers, a closed space for the intimate activities.

The major features of the containers are present in this project: the stacking and the sliding movement. When the master bedroom and the home office slide, it works like a solar protection system to the collective square.

The structure is very simple, a steel frame supported by walls of stones taken from the site, contextualizing the building to the local landscape and, at the same time, resembles it a ship with its global essence.

Ficha Técnica


Casa Container




Sydney, Australia

Área do Terreno

1.372,17 m²

Área Construída

315,05 m²


Christiane Costa Ferreira, Dhiego Torrano, Milena Santos, Rafael Pereira, Rodrigo Carvalho e José Maria de Macedo Filho


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